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Sayona Jose' surprised to receive the Angel's Books Award! Congratulations! I am so proud of you! Please keep reading and writing you are way ahead of me at your age:) Lori

Angel Award Story Contest  
All entries must be received by
December 2nd 2018


Using 10 (or more) words from the word bank, located inside the book, write your own story about bullying and how you would:
Stop a bully from being a bully. 

* Must be in grades 3rd-6th.
* Must be approved, and sent in by your teacher or parent
* Must be done solely by the Child
* Must be 500 or more words
* All entrys must be received by December 2nd 2013

Teachers Submit their story, along with their Name, Grade, School and State to:


Don't forget to be creative, like Angel :)

All stories will be read and judged by Lori Diez, Angel (Alexis Diez) and Beth Leto.

One First place winner per grade: $50 VISA Gift Card & their story put on this website.


    by Sayona Jose'

     It was a pretty Fall morning! The leaves were turning different colors! I just felt a surge of happiness and I felt comfortable. I was getting ready to go to my new school. My dad got a new job in Iowa. I hope I would fit in and not be the one that was left out. I got my uniform on and put on my glasses. When I went downstairs I smelled something that smelled really good and I mean it! I walked down the hall and saw what I hoped to see! It was…..CHOCOLATE PANCAKES!!!!!!!!! I got some milk and my mom served me like I was at a restaurant. I started to laugh. After I ate my food I got my backpack and I kissed my mom and dad on the cheek and said bye and I was off to a brand new school year.

  When I was at my school I looked at the schedule and I liked it, because that day I had library!! Library was my favorite cor2   class! After I put away my books I heard the bell ring “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING” I walked to my classroom to meet my new teachers! My first class was math! The teachers asked what was pi. A kid raised his hand and said “A delicious kind of cake my personal favorite blueberry!” I raised my hand next and said “Its numbers that go on forever.” The teacher said “That is correct!” after we reviewed some more, class was over.  When I went to get my books out of my desk I heard people say “That girl over there is a smarty pants.” Others even said “She’s a geek.” I really didn’t like it but, what could I do?

When second period came I had spelling! My teacher said “Who here knows how to spell acknowledgement? I raised my hand and said “A-C-K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E-M-E-N-T” and the teacher rang a bell and said “Ding ding ding!” The next word was earshot I raised my hand and said “e-a-r-s-h-o-t- then it was wretched, vanished, habit and so on. The teacher was so happy she gave me a piece of candy!

The next period was library!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited maybe they might have my favorite series “The Running Tortoise!” When I got there I asked the librarian do you have the series “The Running Tortoise?” she said “Of course! It’s on the left side!” When I walked over I saw all the series. They even had the new one! I checked out the book and went to read. When library was over I went to put my book away, then by accident I bumped into a guy that was in 6thgrade. “Hey nerd watch where you’re going! Do those huge glasses even help you?” I felt very queasy. He made a very mean judgment. I quickly walked away. A little later I learned that his name was Danny.

to get my mind off of what just happened. Then she laughed with me and not at me. I felt happy and then she left. I felt very mutual with her. After lunch a guy came to me and said “Your weird! You actually talk to teachers?” Everybody started laughing at me.that-“Danny was stumbling. He tried again “I-I-” he was stumbling again. He finally said “I learned that bulling is wrong and I’m sorry I will never do it again.” When he was done he said “Man that was a mouthful!” I was so, so, so, surprised that I kind of stumbled to say thank you!! Then he left and I went to play bean bag toss! Then he came back and shared his snacks with me. I said thank you. From that day on I was never ever bullied again!     When it was lunch time I sat at a table where kids were sitting. As soon as I sat down they took their food and sat somewhere else. I felt miserable. I ended up eating alone that day but luckily a teacher walked by and I talked with her so I was able

When I went home I told my mom about what happened she came to talk to the teacher the next day. Then I saw a kid eavesdropping on my mom listening to their conversation. As I sat down a person said “You totally fell for it you just sat on a chair with sticky glue!” everybody laughed and the teacher and my mom saw what happened. It was humiliating. The teacher sent some kids to the principal’s office. When it was recess time the kids who got sent to the principal’s said “Thanks a lot nerd! you got us in trouble.”  Another one said “You went home and cried to your mommy so that she would come!”

Right before school was over there was a special announcement! It was the principal over the intercom she announced that there is going to be a retreat for students in a couple of weeks. “That seems fun!!!” a kid commented from the side. After the announcement the principal also added that everyone must attend!

After a couple of weeks it was time for the retreat and my mom dropped me off at the retreat center. I wasn’t very excited though. I looked out the window of the car and saw a big dome kind of thing. “Are we at Epcot?” I was thinking of the great times we had in Florida! “No honey, you’re at the camp for the retreat!” Then she dropped me off. As I walked through the hallway the councilor said “Go to your right Mr. Mark has a special announcement! As everybody got their seats Mr. Mark said “We have a very special speaker-Mr.Don. Mr. Mark then introduced Mr. Don to everybody. Everybody clapped as Mr. Don came on to the stage. He said “Has anybody here ever been bullied?” I was afraid even to raise my hand however, some other kids did. He continued, most of the bulling is in school or at special activities such as camp. He said that he is a guidance councilor and a lot of kids come to him about bulling. He told us interesting stories. Now, I feel better to know that other kids have to live with it too. He told us why Jesus doesn’t like bullying and why it’s wrong. As the man was speaking I saw Danny (The guy who bullies me.) taking notes. Then I remembered that Mr. Don shared some stuff like some kids put syrup on the floor so maybe he was writing new things for bullying so he could remember to do them. When Mr. Don was done I saw Danny’s book open and he was actually writing why bulling was wrong. I started to get really excited!!!

The next morning we did our regular stuff like eating and of course my favorite time, game time! When I was playing bean bag toss Danny came over and said “I have to tell you something.” As I got out of line to listen he said “I learned that-

The end

P.S. the words that are underlined are the words that we had to use in the story.

About the Author:

Sayona is a typical 9 year old girl who likes to write. Sayona says “I was never bullied but my friends sometimes were!” I wrote this little story to tell people not to bully because it’s wrong. “Now, if you’re a bully stop bullying.”


        Written By

                        Sayona Jose, Nativity Catholic School 

  Teacher; Mrs. Power   Class; 4B  State; Florida