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Angel or Not? Angel for Sure!
    Has received the: Catholic Writers Guild  Seal of Approval!

An engaging book for preteen children, that focuses on real life ups and downs of being a girl in Catholic school. Follow Angel through fourth grade as she learns to handle her own conflicts while attempting to stay in 'angel-mode' even though, sometimes her thoughts and actions aren't so angelic. Stay with her through the stories as she realizes that every action has a consequence.   
    In this, the first book of the series, Angel, the main character is being bullied and must figure out how to handle and befriend the bully. You’ll meet Sister Rita, Angel’s family, friends and her first crush—Dreamboat Tony!
  It’s easy to be drawn into Angel’s world while she tries to solve the Sonya Mystery. You’ll understand why she feels stuck in the Twilight Zone during Sonya’s and brother Anthony’s accidents. 

BOOK 2 - Angel or Not? Ohhh So Not!!!

Your favorite characters are back and the drama continues!  As Angel, a fourth grader in Catholic school discovers why Sonya was a bully and must say “Goodbye” to the “Sonya Mystery.” 

Dreamboat Tony is still a dreamboat and Sister Rita is full of her usual surprises.  You’ll meet the new neighbors and get an “ear-full” from Angel’s Grammy. From a fender-bender with Dad, to playing on the Jesuit football field, brother Anthony is back in action! 
    In this captivating sequel, Angel’s world spirals out of control when she makes the worst mistake of her life!  Find out exactly what  Angel did to
earn the book its title: Angel or Not? Ohhh So Not!!!  -

Focus is on Consequences of Cheating on a test; making good decisions;Catholic, Fiction, Chapter Book, 214 pgs.
By author Lori Diez

Angel or Not? Series 
Now has two books available in the projected 3 book series.  The books were written by, Lori Diez, a Catholic mom of three who after 22 years in Catholic School realized the need for fun, real-life books that incorporated good morals, values while reinforcing the Catholic faith.

The Angel or Not? series are engaging books for preteen children that focus on real life ups and downs of being a girl in Catholic school. Students will follow along with Angel as she travels through fourth grade and learns to handle her own conflicts while attempting to stay in 'angel-mode' even though, sometimes her thoughts and actions aren't so angelic. Readers will associate with Angel as she realizes that every action has a consequence.

The books are not meant to teach our Catholic faith, but rather to integrate our faith with a story-line that children/students want to read because they feel a strong connection with the main character - Angel, her family and friends.  In addition, teachers like the books for class readers because they include bold vocabulary words throughout the story and include word banks in the back. There is also a workbook PDF available for additional class participation. They are the perfect book series for 3-5th graders for summer reading. Children want to find out what happens in Book one and are eager to get their hands on its sequel Book two!                The first book in the series focuses on Bullying and how to handle the bully, while the second book focus is that of cheating on a test and the consequences associated with cheating and lying.

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Book Review of Angel or Not? Series by Julia Johnson Catholic Teacher 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Angel's Books ~ Children's Catholic Literature. It is not a moment too soon that good faith-filled juvenile fiction has hit the bookshelves.  Angel or Not? book series by Lori Diez are uplifting, unique books for third grade students and up.  These treasures highlight the lives of Angel Hennessey and her friends who attend Catholic school.   Lori Diez illustrates a lovely picture of Catholic life, for American culture that knows little about the Catholic faith and its blessings, but she also explores the reality of bullying.
Aspects of our Catholicity that readers will enjoy are Angel's loving, supportive family; her kind friends; prayer life; and her amazing teacher Sister Rita.   Children will read about how Catholic families live each day focused on what Jesus would do.  And, although the characters in Diez's books fall short of angelic behavior, because they are human, readers will discover the joy in trying.  They will also discover that prayer, Mass, family guidance, and Catholic teachings and traditions are blessings to help children and role models love Jesus and one another.
Although there are wonderful gifts associated with being Catholic, readers will also discover, through Angel or Not? books, that our heroine, Angel, is a very "normal" child.  Angel struggles with the class bully, getting a new teacher, innocent crushes and friends and family hurting.  Following her conscience, when it's tempting to do the wrong thing, is Angel's biggest struggle, which is something all children relate to.

Children growing up in Catholic families and/or attending Catholic schools will benefit from reading Mrs. Diez's books, too.  God willing, Catholic children may even be able to empathize with having a special teacher like Sister Rita.  What a breath of fresh air it is to read about a Sister who is fun, energetic and spiritual.  Anyone who has met Sisters, who teach, know that many are full of spunk and divine inspiration that is passed down to the children they teach.  Diez's characterization of Sister Rita was a literary gift that this mom could relate to, as I taught with many wonderful Sisters in Catholic schools.  I can only pray that today's Catholic children meet a "Sister Rita" in their childhood.

My nine year old is closest to the age I'd recommend Angel or Not? books.  Because Angel is a girl, he had a little difficulty understanding some of the relationships Angel acquired.  Young girls will grasp the girls' friendships well.   However, he related to the classroom bully, the Catholic traditions
Angel and her family celebrated  and Angel's brother, Anthony.  The content and vocabulary of Diez's books were perfectly matched to my son's reading abilities. 

Speaking of vocabulary and content, another unique contribution Diez makes for readers is that she includes a word bank at the end of her books.  This addition enriches student's vocabulary.  For students studying their faith, a few of the words focus on the Catechism.  A mother of three, Lori Diez, also saw the importance of adding comprehension questions at the end of her books.  Finally, her grandest dream realized, Lori, contributes 75% of Angel's Books to Children's Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay (an organization dedicated to foster children finding forever families).

Visit www.HeartGalleryTampaBay.org to learn more about this wonderful organization that means so much to Lori and her family. 
And to find out more about Angel's Books: Angel or Not? Angel for Sure! and Angel or Not? Ohhh so Not!!!!, click on the following link http://angelscatholicbooks.com.  
Our family recommends both books.  
Julia Johnson at 7:37 PM

Sunday, July 21, 2013-To Learn More about Julia Johnson, visit:

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All books were created for use in the classroom and include: age appropriate vocabulary words; word banks; Catholic values and faith vocabulary; and/or bullying materials. Teachers please request testing and workbook handouts on our teacher information page :)